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Pacific Business News Article: Kauai's new Food Innovation Center aims to grow local food economy

An aerial photo of Common Ground, which occupies 83 acres on Kauai


November 13, 2020

By Christina O'Connor – Reporter, Pacific Business News

Common Ground Kauai, an 83-acre agricultural campus located on the former Guava Kai plantation, has

launched the Food Innovation Center, a new initiative to help grow Hawaii’s food economy.

A vertically integrated hub, the Food Innovation Center features farming, along with accelerator, incubator and distribution programs for farmers and food entrepreneurs.

As Jennifer Luck, director of program development and community impact at Common Ground Kauai,

describes it, the center is designed to create a “thriving and resilient” food economy by nurturing the next

generation of local food producers.

“Investing in local businesses and building robust supply chains are central to Common Ground’s mission,”

explained Luck. “The Food Innovation Center is an economic development roadmap for entrepreneurs,

innovators, small businesses and farmers to scale both ideas and products for consumer demand.”

“Our goal is to support and grow Kauai's food ecosystem, from farmers to value-added product producers,” she added. “We realized early on that supporting product producers with training, mentorship, funding and a distribution platform was integral to transforming Hawaii's food economy.”

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